We told you there ten days ago, Coca-Cola s & rsquo; amused to hide in its packaging glasses of cheap virtual reality. Visiblement la firme de sodas n’est pas la seule à avoir eu cette idée puisque McDonald’s sort à son tour son propre modèle de lunettes de réalité augmentée.

Papa I do not want to Happy Meal !

Grands classiques auprès des enfants, the Happy Meal s & rsquo; therefore complements of virtual reality goggles as Coca does for its packaging. The gossips n & rsquo; not so long to declaim that c & rsquo; is the firm who copied the burgers sodas. Yet in terms of logistics implies that such a campaign that McDonald & rsquo; s n & rsquo; not expected that Coca offers his glasses for the & rsquo; idea. It s & rsquo; simply brands are jumping on the concepts enabling them to buzz. Saying that & rsquo; more McDonald & rsquo; s manages an advertising war against Burger King. What health !

Whether models of Coke or McDonald & rsquo; s, we don & rsquo; have nothing against the principle of these cheap virtual reality glasses. Once again, lorsque vous voyez le prix d’un Oculus ou d’un PlaystationVR vous comprenez immédiatement qu’il s’agit de marques cherchant à profiter d’une innovation dont tout le monde parle, especially the young generations. Nothing wrong with that so, although see so many brands occupy the same business segment, yet emerging, we tired already !

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