Generations follow but not alike for Nintendo. Après le succès incroyable de la Wii qui s’est imposée comme une des consoles de salons les plus vendues de l’histoire (5ème avec près de 90 millions de pièces écoulées), Wi U came and broke this state of grace : catastrophic sales figures, big absent licenses (who said Zelda or Metroid ?), a rickety catalog sprinkled with too few achievements (Splatoon, Xenoblade et c’est tout ou presque) ont ainsi composé le quotidien de cette console presque morte avant d’être née. La Switch subira t’elle le même destin ?

Hybridation made in Nintendo

Just presented by the great Nintendo patterns in a video delivered there 3 days, Switch offers the main argument can be both a home console and portable console, the specialty of the Asian firm. Hence its name… Convenient to finish these parts even if one has to move, Switch the still questions about the ability of Nintendo to recover from the Wi U of failure. And to be frank, la Switch semble déjà dépassée. Admittedly, play on a portable console side is not as stupid as the only current success of Nintendo 3DS remains. Mais réputée pour ses accessoires, la firme asiatique ne va t’elle pas subir un coup de vieux avec l’arrivée de la VR, an accessory meant to redefine the video game term ?

Quoi ma gueule, qu’est ce qu’elle ma gueule ?

aesthetically speaking, this is very average and it lacks clear lack of design but it's still a matter of taste ! On another, mix of genres (as proposed by the VCR TV handsets when we were young) ne nous emballe guère : it is always the first to show signs of weakness and break. If we were to invest, it would not be in the Switch that will be released in March 2017. It could even be it will be the last big Nintendo home console as was the Dreamcast for Sega if sales do not take off. If you're a fan of the plumber with mustache, vous savez donc ce qu’il vous reste à faire.

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