Discovery aujourd & rsquo; hui d & rsquo; & rsquo a strange; event that attracts more and more curious, les Lenstar Lenticular Print Award (LLPA). Behind this barbaric name as complex, hides a contest that rewards the best lenticular prints. The Oscars of & rsquo; lenticular printing in short.

Competition for insiders

At the helm of this event, we find the Irish distributor of lenticular sheets DPLenticular and Pacur, an American firm specializing in & rsquo; extrusion of thin or thick sheets. The purpose of this competition is, as we & rsquo; have discussed opening, reward the best lenticular prints. L & rsquo; lenticular printing is a technique that consists of making animations or 3D effects with printed sheets behind a parallel network of transparent streaks (the famous lenticules in question). Si nous vous en parlons, c’est parce que la troisième édition se tiendra du 31 have 10 June 2016 durant le salon de la Drupa dans le parc des innovations en Allemagne et que les candidatures sont déjà ouvertes ! If you wish to participate you know that & rsquo; he left to do. Pour les autres, si vous êtes en vacances dans le coin à cette période, please.

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