Créée en 1924, O'Cedar, famous brand of household products, was bought in 2015 by Swania. Contrary to what we expected, this acquisition has not been followed by a wave of change. The company has kept the same identity and has been quite discreet. But it seems that things are changing since O'Cedar back to us with a brand new logo that the new management wanted more positive.

Polishes my little, polished

The fans of this logo will reassure : the now famous wooden puppet is still in the game. She only changed posture. Seeming once literally emerged from the logo to greet us, Puppetry is behind the triangle with an arm triangle surrounding said as a friend. This emotional dimension seems to testify to the readiness of the brand to go for a close family teaches its customers. The red triangle that we have just mentioned also somewhat change. It is now surrounded by a white frame and ” The’ ” . Police are also cleaner : look old “and” and the new : branding generated is much more positive and the sign appears more serious.

Le principal a été conservé (although slightly modified) : the puppet is still there. And changes were made to it are common sense : arm positioning inspires confidence and security, two key concepts in trade. As for other changes, ils s’inscrivent dans une forme de logique cohérente qui rend plus lisible et plus professionnelle l’identité de O’Cedar. Ce renouvellement maîtrisé que nous trouvons concluant sonne comme la promesse de se sentir bien chez soi au milieu de la propreté ! So successful.

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