Despite his success, Vevo, music gaming platform owned by Sony Entertainment, behind a generic media image above gives the possibility to admire the fashionable clips without worrying about the quality of the artists it broadcasts. Tired of this perception, Vevo seems to change its identity.

visual maturity

Conducted by the Office Violet agency, processing Vevo logo offers, unlike that of Paco Rabanne chronicled yesterday, real change. Formerly red and featuring a round font, Vevo logo is changing dramatically. Désormais, it is displayed in a more mature and a sharper black font, more vertical, as if his music policy was refined. In this sense, italics disappears because of the difficulty that this type style induces. C’est incontestable, all of these changes are to mature in logo, as if the platform had refined his musical policy. Much more elegant, this new version benefit from a harmonious balance that gives Vevo a more qualitative picture than before.

Conducted a master hand by Violet Office Agency, redesigning the Vevo logo allows the music platform to enjoy a much more flattering identity : modern and sharp. This seems to be spent in adulthood.

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