Unless you've spent the last few weeks on Mars, you've probably heard of Pokemon Go, the famous application that makes everyone crazy. This success has inspired more than one of which WWF, the World Wide Fund for Nature (the association with the koala) which diverted the phenomenon to defend the animal causes.

Kill them all

rather logic (after all Pokémon is nothing but an animal a little weird), This diversion was orchestrated. The slogan “Catch them all” has been replaced by “Save all”. On another, the Pikachu Miaouss and other Rondoudou were replaced by Pandoudou or Tortuff, des animaux (tortoise, panda…) aux patronymes proches de célèbres Pokémons. Le message délivré par WWF est clair et utiliser le vecteur Pokémon permet d’instiller le plus tôt possible cette problématique primordiale dans l’esprit des enfants. Effective and therefore perfectly realized initiative, which demonstrates the responsiveness of WWF.

Typical of campaigns that use the news to talk about their cause, this replay Pokemon Go conducted by WWF is a total success from a strategic point of view. The visually, runaway is nevertheless measured.

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